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B.A. Psychology '13 (University of New Hampshire)

M.F.A. Graphic Design '16 (Minneapolis College of Art & Design)


I am greatly driven by self-exploration. I believe that the very essence of my creative practice stems from the desire to understand my own identity and how it relates to the world around me. I was born in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and resided there for the first six years of my life. I then relocated to the United States. Having spent the majority of my childhood in Manchester, New Hampshire, I was exposed to many different communities of varying diversity, from inner-city neighborhoods to quiet secluded suburban streets.


I am a lover of communication, expression, and language. The power of language can move hearts, or break them. I’ve always been interested in the notion of “blackness” and how that is expressed through various forms of communication, including visual graphics and typography. My creative practice is an engine in which I communicate and express blackness and issues that encompass it. I use my practice to both define what culture sees as blackness, but at the same time dissect its core meaning and the chaotic beauty it embodies. I aim to capture the varying spectrums that allude to both the individual and that of the black collective. I often reflect on and look to personal experiences, current events, and artistic, cultural and historical trends within the black diaspora. In my personal practice, I aim to spark thought and create dialogue through the use of narrative, design, and personal experiences.


In my trade, I am a graphic designer, an illustrator, a fine artist, but most of all, I consider myself a visual creator. I have worked alongside clients and employers such as, University of California Berkeley, University of New Hampshire, The African American Registry, DOPE Inc., and more.




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